I am an IT engineer and have been since some vague time in the 90s.  I am currently a senior infrastructure engineer for a fairly large site with an insane mix of technologies.  I look after Active Directory, Exchange, File Services, VMWare, Hyper-V, multiple brands of SAN and anything else that turns up.  The site is around 8,000 users, 6,000 clients and 600 servers.  Because of the scale, operational efficiency is my goal.  To this end I have created a bunch of tools in PowerShell, some of which I will provide here once I have stripped out any company-specific names/language.  Among my better productions are a sweet mass account creator, a GUI tool for performing some Exchange 2010 functions that the management console can’t do, a system for hoovering up user/workstation details upon login and few modules for general admin tasks.

I’m a dabbler.  I like to learn a lot of things.  This also means I only get to learn a few of them in detail.  I currently know enough about Powershell to get in a decent argument about it, but probably not enough to win that argument.  I am aiming to change this.

I put this blog up instead of posting my stuff to Reddit.  Most of the stuff I make is very specific to my work situation, where we have everything set up in a certain way.  Here, I will be able to explain that situation better so that what I’m doing with the scripts make some sense.  And rather than explain that whole thing every time I post something, I put this up instead.  It also provides a real-world-esque environment as opposed to the generic MS best practice style environment, which I find more conducive to learning.

I also never tried blogging before, so this will let me know if I like it.